Lead Team

2021 Middle School Retreat Director

Josh Gillman


Josh attended his first Southland event in 1999 at the Middle School Retreat as a 6th grade student. He joined the leadership of Southland in 2014. Josh loves that Southland is Christ-centered and gives the blessing of Christian community for leaders and students for life!

Josh is the Youth Pastor at Redeemer Riverview in Riverview, FL, and has been involved in student ministry for 10 years.

2021 High School Camp Director

David Kelly


David has been connected to Southland since 2001 when he began taking students to all of Southland’s camps. His students love Southland and many have made lifelong friends as he has. For several years David went to the leadership meetings at the Southland camps wondering if I should join the leadership team or not. David joined the team and has been heavily involved since 2008.

What David loves about Southland is the camps are designed to connect students to Christ through great preaching and teaching. It also provides a connection to community for his students, not just with each other but other churches in the PCA. He loves the commitment to get Jesus In front of my students and a commitment to show them how to enjoy their faith with others.

David is the Youth Pastor at New Hope Church in Eustis, FL. He has been working with students since 2001.

2021 High School Retreat Director

Brandon Lutz


Brandon attended his first Southland event as a 6th grader in 1997. He joined the leadership team of Southland in 2018. One of the things Brandon loves about Southland is how it creates friendships amongst students from across Florida. When they end up going off to college, there is a good chance they will have a friend through Southland to check out RUF or a church with as they transition to their next chapter of life.

Brandon is the Youth Pastor at Redeemer City Church in Winter Haven, FL. He has been serving students in vocational ministry since 2012.

2021 Middle School Camp Director

Brown Peterson


Brown attended his first Southland event in 2018 with his middle school students on our retreat. He instantly loved Southland and the heart of its vision and mission. He joined the leadership team shortly thereafter. What Brown loves about Southland is the way it is rooted in the gospel in all facets. This is from the messages and worship, to the friendships made between students, and how it builds relationships between other leaders and churches. The students, leaders, and myself look forward to each Southland event!

Brown is the Youth Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, FL. He has been working with students in vocational ministry since 2012.

Todd Veleber


Todd has been a part of Southland since 2004 and a big part of the Southland Lead Team starting in 2007. One of Todd’s favorite aspects of what Southland offers is the relationships that come out of Southland. And he loves the fact that the students/church retain their own identity even in the larger whole of our camps

Todd is the Youth Pastor at Wildwood Church in Tallahassee, FL. He has been working with students at Wildwood since 2004.

Laura Yang


Laura began attending Southland as a student in 1997, served on staff for the first time in 2004, returned as a counselor in the summer of 2011, and joined the Southland team that Fall. At Southland’s summer camps Laura really learned to take responsibility for her own faith when God gave her a desire to know Him closely, and it was also where her best friends forged deep bonds that last still to this day. As a teenager, Laura loved returning year after year to see familiar faces from different churches. She feels the exact same way now, more than 20 years after Southland’s summer camp became her favorite week of the year.