June 5 – June 10 | Brevard, North Carolina

Ben Kandt
Evening Speaker

Benjamin Kandt is enlivened by the vision of seeing people follow Jesus in the “double love” of God and neighbor. Toward this aim, he pastors at NewCity Church near downtown Orlando. He also works as a psychotherapist at The Kardia Center, where he helps clients to open up, be present, and do what matters on their path toward healing and wholeness. He enjoys Jesus; his lovely wife, Alana; his clinically wild son, Augustine of Orlando; and his delightful daughter, Selah Mercy. You can find him reading, writing, surfing, playing soccer, gardening, and praying the Psalms.

Adam Hill & Seven Rivers 
Worship Team

Seven Rivers Worship aims to combine timeless truths through liturgy, lyrics, creeds, and confessions with the beauty of God’s creativity and character through music and art that is relatable today. We believe the foundations of worship should consist of Spirit and Truth, and, in response, it should engage both the affections of our hearts and the attentions of our minds as we seek to glorify our Creator and make His Name known to our community. Our hope is that anything we offer would aid in bringing the healing love of Jesus to broken people and broken places.


Get ready for one of the best weeks of the year for our students! This will be a week where God shows up in ways we can’t even imagine in all of us at Camp as God loves to show up when we get away and focus on connecting with Him! HS Camp Director will be Brown Peterson this summer. You can contact him with this email: Brown@trinitylakeland.org.


We will worship through song and God’s Word every morning and evening together. We will also create moments for students to be alone with God, as well as church huddle times to discuss together what God is doing in us and around us.


Ridge Haven Camp offers fun activities for us to enjoy: whitewater rafting, paintball, hiking, mountain biking, high ropes course, low ropes course, sports tournaments, and more. During free time churches will have the opportunity to enjoy all of these activities. We will also have board games and group games for free time as well.


Through conversations on the ride up, church huddle time, to the late-night talks in your cabins, relationships will be forged and deepened throughout the time together. Rest assured your group will leave closer together than when they arrived.


One of the greatest parts about Southland is the friendships that are created between students, leaders, and churches. These bonds will carry out into their college experience, encouraging them to visit RUF, and enjoy life with.

Early Rate:
$360 / $408
(without rafting –
with rafting)

Registered and paid by May 4th, 2023

Regular Rate: 
$380 / $428
(without rafting –
with rafting)

Registered and paid anytime after May 4th, 2023

Counselor Rate: 
$360 / $408
(without rafting –
with rafting)

Counselor rate is the same whenever you register

Please be aware

For HS Camp 2023, after taking into consideration the thoughts of the many youth leaders who have attended HS Camp in recent years, we have decided to continue to attend Ridge Haven. Ridge Haven gives us higher quality accommodations and overall camp experience. Please be aware that this is also going to increase the price of HS Summer Camp. Please contact Brown Peterson with any questions.

Helpful Advice

You may need to add to this cost for your church’s expenses. For example, most churches end up renting charter buses to get to Whitewater Express Camp. Feel free to contact another church attending or us to work out transportation together. The above covers the Southland expenses.

HS Camp Promo images

Here is our HS Camp promo image that you can use to promote this event with your church, families, and students

Southland Video

Here is our Southland promo video found on the home page of the Southland website. Feel free to use as needed.

Ridge Haven

Here is the link for you to check out Ridge Haven and all it has to offer from scenic hikes to white-water rafting.

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