Southland Camp began in 1959 in South Florida under the leadership of Rev. Glenn Coie, an Orthodox Presbyterian pastor in Hialeah . For years it was a ministry of the OPC for south and central Florida churches. Rev. Dr. Luder Whitlock, who succeeded Coie at the OP church in Hialeah, expanded the camp ministry, moving its meeting site to O’Lena State Park, High Springs, FL, and inviting the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod to join in. Rev. Darrel Harris of that fellowship lent valuable support. OP pastors, Rev. Roger Schmurr and Rev. Dr. Larry G.Mininger further expanded the ministry inviting the PCA to join the leadership team.

Currently, Southland is lead by a panel of youth leaders from across the state and is funded by three different presbyteries (Central, North,and Southwest). About twenty years ago the meeting site was moved to Camp Kulaqua to accommodate a much larger program and enrollment and the ministry thrived in this new location. Southland became synonymous with Kulaqua and it was a good fit for several decades.

Southland expanded its ministry to include a Middle School Midwinter Retreat, which is held in central FL in late February. In 2013, we added a High School Midwinter Retreat in Daytona. Southland’s High School Conference made the move out of Florida to Whitewater Express in the mountains of Tennessee. This location offers our high school students a unique environment. Southland’s Middle School Summer Conference is still at Camp Kulaqua, which is a premier camp location in Florida.

Southland celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2009 and we hope you will join us this year as we continue our long held tradition of serving Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria!