Southland Camps’ COVID-19 policies for 2021 events:

As we prepare to host winter retreats and summer camps again in 2021, Southland Camps has been strategizing the safety measures we will have in place to protect our attendees’ health.

At each of our 2021 events, we will, at minimum, adhere to relevant state, city, and facility requirements for social distancing, building occupancy capacity, and mask use. We understand that individual church groups attending our events come from different cities and counties, and that local regulations, churches’ health policies, and individual families’ approaches to COVID-19 will vary greatly, but our aim at Southland is to provide a fun, safe, Christ-centered experience for all our attendees while we follow the most current medical and governmental guidelines as a unified group. We will rely on churches and counselors assistance in helping students cheerfully follow these regulations.

As within school settings, Southland anticipates requiring that attendees wear masks during indoor activities (except when eating) and when social distancing cannot be maintained. This will not apply within individual church groups, such as during traveling or inside lodgings.

We anticipate changes to medical guidelines and public health regulations in the coming months, so Southland plans for addressing COVID-19 at our 2021 events will also be subject to change. We will share up-to-date, comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines with attending churches prior to each Southland event.

Thanks for understanding as we attempt to graciously navigate during these uncharted waters!

                                                  Southland Lead Team